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Estate Planning and Probate Services at Graf & Partners, LLP

Graf & Partners, LLP is available to help US and other English speaking clients with a variety of international estate planning and probate issues.


Probate and Estate Administration

If a decedent holds property in European countries, the US executor or lawyer needs a Grant of Probate or a Letter of Administration for each country. We can handle these issues, administer the estate, and deal with estate and inheritance taxes in Germany, England, Switzerland, and Austria. 


Contentious Probate

Disagreements during probate can significantly delay the process. Our team can advise clients if there are disputes over a Will’s validity or a beneficiary’s rights and entitlements. We are also prepared to represent our clients in court.


Will Preparation & Estate Planning

We offer estate planning services for American clients with assets in Europe. Our team can help you decide whether or not you need a separate Will and help you draft the proper documents.


Find out how Graf & Partners, LLP can help you with your probate or estate planning needs and contact us today.